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Process candle simple production process


1. Cut the white craft candle into sections (be careful not to cut the cotton core), pull out the cotton core for use, and break the candle segment. Prepare a little colored crayon.
2. Heat the craft candle pieces in a pan to melt the wax. Add crayon shavings to the melted wax for color matching. The amount of debris can be determined according to the depth of the desired color. Generally, the faint color effect is better. Shake the pot slightly to melt the crayon color and blend it into the wax solution, and sprinkle a few drops of perfume into the wax solution.
3. Pour the colored wax liquid into the prepared mold, and the height can be customized. If it is a homemade mold, be careful not to leave a gap to prevent the wax from flowing out.
4. Put a knot of cotton core on the toothpick in advance (use a toothpick to prevent the wax from being burnt, and adjust the position of the cotton core), place the other end in the waxy liquid, wait for the wax to solidify. .
5. If you want to make several colors of craft candles, you can pour them into the mold layer by layer. After the first layer has solidified, the second layer is poured, and so on.
6. After the color craft candle is completely solidified, the mold is torn open, and the excess wick is cut short, and a scented colored candle is ready.
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