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Maison Saint Martins scented candles


Copper bottle marble pattern and the changing packaging distribute the breath in a low-key costly, selected by the pure natural soy wax candle body manual pouring, natural plant sweet atmosphere oil is suitable for any skin and sensitive body, 100% cotton wicks let sweet atmosphere uniform diffuse around, bring one room noble incense. Maison Saint Martins, a small British fragrance brand, is dedicated to blending design and fragrance, creating a variety of levels and atmosphere for the space.
Two earlier versions of The Millennium Dome Millennium Dome and The London Eye have become popular Home Spa scents. This time, MSM launched four aromatherapy candles carrying British art landmarks - The Victoria and Albert Museum, Clerkenwell, The Cavern Club and The Royal Opera House.
Through the grasp complex mixture of aromatherapy, artificially appreciate the Victoria and Albert royal family love, or in the course of the journey comfortable reading Oscar Wilde the literary genius, is that they are permanently changed the British culture, their love of art collection, literature, and to pass British art heritage. May you have a beautiful skin and 21 grams of interesting soul.
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