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DIY to bring life to the bedroom DIY" embossed candles"


Candles are both useful and elegant. Their charm lies in bringing life to the room. When you put a few candles in the candlestick, it will become a delicate torch outdoors. The high-quality candle introduced here is made from wax and summer flowers and plants. It is not only very expensive to use, but also very simple to make. Because the sweet essential oil was added in candle, when burning, the space of the bedroom was met full of attractive aroma, the fragrance that can inspire you beautiful desire.
1. Cut the thick acid-free toilet paper into thin strips and spread them on the table. Arrange the flowers and plants on the paper according to your wishes.
2. Put the paraffin fragments into the beaker, and put the beaker into a saucepan with half the hot water.
3. Turn off the fire and keep the liquid state of paraffin. Add a few drops of essential oil into the beaker.
Heat the spoon on the alcohol lamp and start attaching the specimen to the candle. Use a hot spoon to soften the wax on the side of the candle, making the wax soft and forming a hollow where a flower or leaf is placed.
5. Gently press the flowers and plants, adjust their position, and after reheating the spoon, use it to gently press around the flowers and plants to strengthen the flowers and plants of the candle body, also affixed with other specimens.
6. Clamp the wick with pliers and soak the candle in the liquid wax for about three seconds. Remove the candle and leave it in a metal container for at least an hour before lighting it.
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